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Anchorbabe: Alison Kosik, Anchor at CNN

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About Alison Kosik

Alison Kosik is a business correspondent for CNN. She is based in CNN?s bureau in New York. In addition to reporting live daily from the New York Stock Exchange in New York, she provides business and financial reporting for CNN networks and platforms. Kosik began working for CNN in 2008. She covered the financial sector during the 2007 recession, the downfall of Lehman Brothers. She reported on the wave of home foreclosures, the flash crash of 2010 and President Obama?s 2009 Stimulus plan. She also reported breaking news for CNN and CNN Newsource and covered stories including the mass killing spree at a Connecticut factory in 2010.

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Alison Kosik CNN 9-13

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Alison Kosik CNN 11/12

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Alison Kosik CNN Newsroom

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Alison Kosik

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