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Anchorbabe: Christine Romans, Anchor at CNN

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About Christine Romans

Christine Romans is a correspondent and anchor for CNN, and also an author. She previously worked for Reuters and Knight Ridder Financial News. Christine Romans is a co-host with Ali Velshi on the weekend business TV show Your $$$$$ and is a business correspondent and headlines reader for Early Start and Starting Point. Formerly, she appeared on American Morning. Christine Romans is from Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University in 1993. While attending ISU Christine majored in French in addition to Journalism and Mass Communication and spent extensive time in France as an exchange student. Christine Romans joined CNN in 1999 and reported from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. She previously hosted Street Sweep on the now defunct network, CNNfn.

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I so despise CNN's Jeff Zucker a rant is coming up

Velshi and O'Brien were gigantic mistakes. Velshi should have gotten 7pm slot cohosted with Christine Romans. Giving the hour to Erin Burnett who is such a Wall Street fan was awful. She also isn't good. Now he is letting Suzanne Malvoux (sp?). Inste Read More at groupthink.jezebel.com

Christine Romans